Legacy All-Stars is an open cheerleading team that began its humble roots in 2009. With a current strength of at least 25 active members, comprising of students, NSFs and working adults, we are home to a family of cheerleaders who possess a burning passion for the sport. Legacy strongly believes that passion is the source of our finest moments, especially in the athletic world.

Friday, August 5, 2016

CHARM Cheerleading Championship (C3) 2016

Hi everyone! Legacy All Stars is finally BACK IN ACTION after a year of hiatus from the blue mats!

As you can tell from the photo above, we had taken part in the recent
CHARM Cheerleading Championship (C3) 2016!

For those of you who do not know yet, this is the YOUNGEST 24 men team we have ever sent in any competitions with half the team being baby phoenixes. It had been a really packed and hectic 1.5 months preparing for it.


On day 1 of C3, we went down to The Curve to support our fellow Singaporean teams who were competing in the Partner Stunts and Group Stunts Category!

First up - Tricia and Marcus (Partner Stunts Level 6 Category)
Well done both of you!! :-D

For Group Stunts Level 6 Category, we have Kai Lun, Aaron, Brendan and Zheng Qian. Good job on clinching 1st Runner Up!

And also Min Yi, Chiat, Marcus and Tom (Not in photos)

Good job and well done for putting up a good show during C3! We are all so proud of every one of you! ;-)

We had our final routine run at night before next day's competition with the help of Cheer Aspiration! THANK YOU Cheer Aspiration for lending us their training ground for us to practice one day before the competition!

On day 2, we got up early to prepare ourselves. We put on our battle gear, full on makeup on, and we were all ready to get on the blue mats!

Time flew and before we knew it, it was our time to warm up and shortly after, compete on the blue mats!

Results for Coed Level 6 Category:

1. Cheer Hero All Stars
2. Cheer Aces All Stars
3. Legacy All Stars (Singapore)

You may watch our Team Category video here:

Group photo with everyone who had been there with us to help and support (Missing Joelene and Serene in the photo).


Soon after the awards ceremony, it was time for some of us to leave Kuala Lumpur.....

Some of us extended our trip in KL and we had the nice people from CA Awesomes to bring us around KL for some yummy local delicacies!! ;-D

Through this competition, we hope that each and every single one of you have brought back not only valuable memories, but also the experience to compete overseas as well as making new friends from other cheer teams and creating stronger bonds with one another! :-)

Legacy All Stars would like to once again express our gratitude to all of our coaches for spending time to choreograph the routine music and piece this routine up!

As well as to all the subs, helpers and spotters we had when we did our routine runs, we wouldn't have had more successful runs without all of you!

Lastly, good job to all the teams who had put up a fantastic show during C3! And thank you fellow Singaporean teams for cheering us on when we competed on the blue mats!


Aaron (Coed Group Stunt)
Brendan (Coed Group Stunt)
Chiat (Coed Group Stunt)
Glenn Lim
Marcus (Coed Group/Partner Stunt)
Tom (Coed Group Stunt)
Yu Kang
Zheng Qian (Coed Group Stunt)

Kai Lun (Coed Group Stunt)
Min Yi (Coed Group Stunt)
Tricia (Partner Stunt)
Wan Yee


Glenn Tan
Su Hui
Fellow Legacy All Stars team mates
NTU Aces
SP Gusto
Cheer Aspiration
CA Awesomes

And everyone else who has been supporting us throughout this entire C3 journey! :-)


Do not forget to catch us on our Road to CHARM (C3) here:

Part One

Part Two

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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Legacy Raya Outing 2016!

Hello all, how's your Hari Raya 2016? 😁 Hope you had a great time celebrating this festive season, just as our Legacians did, TOGETHER! 😁 Legacy All- Stars values each and every one of our team members, be it that they are Chinese, Malays, Indians or Eurasians. So here's all of us clad in Malay traditional costumes to celebrate Hari Raya 2016! 😁

The team wearing a variety of Malay tradition costumes! 😍

First stop: Fadzli's House! 🙆 (If you notice, the girls and some of the guys have funny drawings drawn on their faces as forfeits from a game 😱 What game? Continue reading to find out! 😜)

And here's the revelation... Lucky Stab a.k.a Stab-the-Pirate game! 😁 Those who unluckily (ironic, since it's called Lucky Stab 😂) manage to stab the pirate will get their faces drawn 😝

 Wanyee's curly moustache (a.k.a Ms Pringles)😂

Zhengqian's pikachu blush (a.k.a Chinese zombie) 😂

Vernice's "Third Eye" (a.k.a The Illuminati)😂

Jasmine's Hitler moustache (a.k.a Jas-ler/ The Hitler) 😂

In accompaniment with the game, we have delicious Malay Cuisines prepared by Fadzli's thoughtful mother! 😍 Thank you Fadli's Mummy!😍 Just look at them mouthwatering Mee Goreng (Fried noodles), Curry Chicken and Roti Jala (Pancakes) 😍

Next Stop: Coach Fairul House! 🙆

Coach Fairul's Mum also prepared delectable Malay-style dishes for the team!😍 Thank you Coach Fairul's mummy! 😍 Look at us devouring the food 😍

All in all, Legacy Hari Raya Outing 2016 was a heartwarming success and the team got to appreciate our fellow Malay team members' way of life at close proximate ☺️ Be it on/off blue mats or in everyday life, Legacy All-Stars will always be one. Till next time people! 
💖🎀👫👫👫👫👫👫🎀 💖

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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Legacy outing to Ramadhan Bazaar @ Geylang Serai 2016!

Hello all! How was your weekend? Hope you had a great one because last weekend, Legacy All-Stars was basking in happiness while we indulged in all sorts of unique food items at the famous Geylang Serai Ramadhan Bazaar 2016! :)

 ♥ Group photo of the day after the team ate to our hearts' content 

Gathering outside Paya Lebar Mrt Station to wait for everyone to arrive! 😋

Wefies of our excited faces to kick start the bazaar outing! 😁

Isn't the night view of the Ramadhan Bazaar just beautiful? 😍

An excited Jocelyn with her newly bought paddlepop pudding from one of the bazaar stall! 🌈  

And here's Gary happily wolfing down the bahkua (halal) he claims to be his favourite!🍗 

Mouthwatering mini pancakes sprinkled with icing sugar and pink sugar bits! 🍮

Featuring Captain Wan Yee's blissful and contented smile while she enjoy the Ice Pan Rolls with Jaymaine! 😜

Our President Shabeer is definitely not going to miss out on those delectable ice-pan rolls! 😋

Accurate definition of "Sharing is Caring" while Miki and Venkat start on their Oreo S'mores! 🍪

Spicy Korean Ice-Cream! Who knew this sweet and innocent looking ice-cream could be so spicy?  Do not judge a book (in this case, ice-cream) by it's cover! 😝🍦🔥 

3 Musketeers, Sylvester, Ernest and Glenn, posing with their "beers"! (Those are actually 0%
alcoholic drinks 😝)

Mr Andra happily digging into those spicy prawns 🔥 

Aaron, Shabeer and Miki excitedly starting on those chocolatey churros! 🍫

Jocelyn finally got her hands on this instagram famous (and yummy) spicy, grilled squid! 🐙 

Now that the team's tummies are full, happy, satisfied and fat (hehe), we concluded the outing with what we do best: SLAY at being STUNTING CHEERLEADERS😝🎀📢

Mass liberty🏟 🗽

Cupies by Miki, Bryan and Vernice, Ernest 🙋🎀

Overall, the Ramadhan Bazaar outing was an eye-opener and definitely a more-than-decent platform for Legacians to bond and better understand our fellow muslim cheerleaders' culture outside of the blue mats ☺️💕 Cheers and stay tuned for more Legacy All-Stars outings! ☺️🎀
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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Annual General Meeting 2016

Hello dear readers! We apologize for the lack of updates right here but hey! We have good news to share with all of you! :-D

Legacy All Stars had just held our Annual General Meeting (AGM) last Sunday at our new home, CAIRNHILL COMMUNITY CLUB! It is an occasion where we reflect on our past season, share new goals and objectives for the upcoming one, appreciation of past committee members as well as introducing our new committee members for season 2016/2017!

With members coming in one by one, we officially started our AGM! 

The whole meeting started off with our very own President, Shabeer, sharing about Legacy's past events and some major highlights...............

Followed by the appreciation of past committee members and their contributions towards the team! 

Customized medals for each and every single one of our past committee members! Did you spot your own name? ;-)

First off, Welfare!

Next, Publicists!

Wan Yee was also the welfare for 2014/2015!


Kai Lun was also the publicist for 2014/2015!




Michelle was also the treasurer for 2011/2012!

That's all for our past committee members! We would like to once again thank them for all of their contributions towards the team in leading it to greater heights! :-)

2015/2016 COMMITTEE

Are you ready to find out who are our new committee members for the new season 2016/2017? 



Our President will be Shabeer and our new secretaries will be none other than Kai Lun and Favian!

As for training department....

Coaches: Andra, Fairul, Matthias and Tom
Captains: Wan Yee and Marcus


2016/2017 Committee Members:
Founder: Lenny
Head of Director: Derrick
Coaches: Andra, Fairul, Matthias, Tom
Mentors: Fiona, Glenn, Michelle
Captains: Wan Yee and Marcus
President: Shabeer
Secretaries: Kai Lun and Favian
Treasurer: Jaymaine
Publicist: Vernice
Welfare: Venkat and Stella

A group photo to end off our AGM!


That's all for our AGM 2016! We look forward to a brand new season and we believe that this new committee will continue to lead Legacy to greater heights and soar even higher! 

Although the upcoming season might be tough and challenging for Legacy, but this is what makes our members stronger and tougher as we go through thick and thin together, no matter rain or shine.

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